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File 1821Over the past two decades, UNC's Campus Y has seen a significant rise in student interest in international outreach and non-formal global education, along with an increased emphasis on entrepreneurial and sustainable strategies for community empowerment.

Campus Y students achieve global impact through the Global Gap Year Fellowship, Global Engagement Fellowship, and Campus Y Student Committees. In fact, 24 of the Campus Y's 32 student committees participate in global service work.

Through the Campus Y's global programs, UNC students create life-changing experiences through their volunteer work and immersion in other cultures, develop career skills and language skills, and gain real-world experience and independence that follows them through college and beyond.

As part of their journey toward becoming global citizens, students have:

  • Taught English to middle school students in Gansu, China
  • Worked at a seed bank in Chiang Mai province, Thailand
  • Assisted with the filming of a human rights documentary in Nepal
  • Volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India

Click here to go to the Global Gap Year Fellowship website.

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