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Aquagenx, LLC is a social enterprise formed around the research of a team of internationally renowned scientists from the UNC-Chapel Hill Gillings School of Public Health, led by Dr. Mark D. Sobsey. The team’s years of research to improve monitoring of drinking water quality in low resource settings led to the invention of the Compartment Bag Test (CBT). 

The Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is a portable, affordable household-level test that detects and quantifies fecal bacteria in water without the need for a lab, electricity, or expertise. A water sample mixed with a bacteriological medium incubates in a plastic bag overnight, and the color-changing results are interpreted visually. Users then know the risk level of their water and can take appropriate action. No other tests are this affordable and usable in any temperate or tropical environment by anyone with minimal training.

File 2776The CBT could prevent the spread of infectious disease that kills millions annually by providing actionable data to inform safe water policies and programs, and by helping to stimulate behavior change among people and communities around the world. During its residency in the CUBE social innovation incubator, the Aquagenx team hopes to develop a business model, expand pilot testing, refine design and manufacturing, obtain legal advice on product licensing, and sharpen pitching/messaging skills.

2013 Report Card 

In January 2013, Aquagenx made its first commercial sales, shipping five orders to customers! That same month, the team developed a company logo and launched their website, which will soon be refined and relaunched with e-commerce capabilities. Aquagenx also implemented a customer relationship management system, and the team continues to explore new partnerships, and refine its product distribution plan.

In spring 2013 Aquagenx joined Twitter! Click here to follow them and find out how they're making the world's water safer! 

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Watch the Aquagenx team win the Carolina Challenge! 

The Aquagenx Team 


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