Healthy Girls Save the World creates community.

The GEF helps students work for social justice abroad.

She was a Campus Y member working for social justice.

For positive contributions to campus and community, seven Y leaders were recently recognized.

A touching event that highlighted the program's impact.

CUBE Director Mathilde Verdier awarded for service!

SUCCEED, Seal the Seasons, and Native Beverage Win A Total of $10,000

The final event of the semester focused on ways to improve.

Campus Y committee UNC Best Buddies hosts first man to crawl Kilimanjaro.

Twenty-five years ago Alec Guettel was an active member of the Campus Y.

Co-founders seek to eliminate local food deserts.

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The Board of Trustees received 212 comments from students about renaming Saunders Hall, but the University will not release their names.

The Board of Trustees requested comments on Saunders Hall from March to April leading up to their Thursday meeting, where they will vote on a package of proposals related to the renaming of Saunders Hall.

On Wednesday, April 8th, the Campus Y Cabinet (leaders of the 31 committees in the Campus Y) voted overwhelmingly to support the Real Silent Sam Coalition in the renaming of Saunders Hall and the contextualization of the building. As a collection of students who stand for social justice, issues such as the renaming of Saunders Hall bring the Campus Y’s efforts and values close to home. We believe it is important for us to stand behind the Real Silent Sam Coalition in their efforts to dismantle the racist and oppressive history that manifests in the physical spaces of our campus.

At its next meeting, Student Congress will consider creating a special committee to help Congress determine its stance on renaming Saunders Hall.

Only four members of the rules and judiciary committee were present Tuesday night to hear speaker David Joyner present the proposal for the select committee on Saunders.

“Student Congress doesn’t have the authority to rename Saunders Hall, but we do have the power to take a stance on the issue,” he said.

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