In the Y and in the community, Co-Chairs had a meaningful learning experience.

The rice, bread, cornbread, and good cause drew many to the Y.

The Campus Y supports social startups. 

She believes businesses should make the world better.

He founded a leadership program for African American male college students.

Healthy Girls Save the World creates community.

She was a Campus Y member working for social justice.

Co-founders seek to eliminate local food deserts.

 He has a history of defending free speech during his academic career.

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Are you a first-year and interested in leadership within the Campus Y? First-Year Member At Large (FMAL) and First-Year Council (FYC) are two unique opportunities for first-years to get involved with the Campus Y. They allow you to work with students of all four classes, to engage with social justice efforts on campus, and to find your niche at Carolina.

Check out the position descriptions here.

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Multiple UNC student-led initiatives utilizing innovative solutions to create social impact have won the town of Chapel Hill's Business Excellence Awards (BEAs), presented by the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce.

To facilitate pro-bono graphic design support services as part of its incubator program, CUBE partnered up with a Journalism course on graphic design and branding strategy this spring semester. Students of the course were able to receive hands-on experience and full credit for the graphic design class, while a CUBE venture, Persever8, selected as a client for the class, received some much-needed and free branding assistance, which included a logo, website design, promotional materials, and even a video.

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