"We're helping wherever the need is greatest."

SUCCEED, Seal the Seasons, and Native Beverage Win A Total of $10,000

The final event of the semester focused on ways to improve.

Four Campus Y students and staff were recently inducted into UNC's oldest honor society.

The confidence to take risks has allowed her to help children.

Campus Y committee UNC Best Buddies hosts first man to crawl Kilimanjaro.

Twenty-five years ago Alec Guettel was an active member of the Campus Y.

Co-founders seek to eliminate local food deserts.

The Campus Y hosts talk on environmental justice.

Campus Y staff and students reconnected with alumni and friends in San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC.

Carolina Cupboard received $605 from our YFund last year. 

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At its next meeting, Student Congress will consider creating a special committee to help Congress determine its stance on renaming Saunders Hall.

Only four members of the rules and judiciary committee were present Tuesday night to hear speaker David Joyner present the proposal for the select committee on Saunders.

“Student Congress doesn’t have the authority to rename Saunders Hall, but we do have the power to take a stance on the issue,” he said.

On the 150th anniversary of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Union forces at the Battle of Appomattox — a symbolic end to the Civil War — students and faculty recognize that racial tensions and discussions of equality have yet to cease fire.

“It’s so central to the preservation and strengthening of the nation as a whole and raised issues that we still have not completely resolved today,” said William Barney, a UNC history professor who’s an expert on the antebellum South.

The themes have arisen nationwide and across UNC’s campus in recent months — namely race relations and whether to recontextualize history.

Imagine being confined to an area no bigger than a parking space almost all day.

There’s no interaction with other humans. There’s no natural light. There’s nothing to keep your mind occupied.

This was the picture that Elizabeth Simpson, UNC law professor, painted of prisoners’ solitary confinement on Wednesday night at the Campus Y.

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