Students, staff, family members, & community partners gathered to acknowledge the year's accomplishments.

Mitte’s talk was part of Spread the Word to End the Word, a Best Buddies campaign.

The Campus Y is excited to introduce its new 2014-2015 Co-Presidents, Dinesh McCoy and Shauna Rust.

Zack won the award for projects developed as part of the inaugural class of Bonner Leaders.

Seven incoming first-year students will use the fellowship for a gap year.

Price explained how students can shape public policy by working within and outside the political system.

Campus Y students & staff tapped for membership in Carolina's oldest and highest honorary society.

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Once again, liberal arts education finds itself the subject of controversy, as critics have argued that college students should major in subjects that will lFile 5375ead directly to jobs or should enroll in programs akin to those offered by vocational schools. Responding to these criticisms, undergraduate programs, as well as undergraduates, have strongly defended the value of a liberal arts education by pointing to its ongoing relevance to both professional and personal lives. These defenses often cite the critical thinking and writing skills that a liberal arts education instills in students.

Indeed, social innovation and social entrepreneurship are just one of the many real-world applications of a liberal arts degree. In order to strengthen their communities, start-ups need innovative thinkers—no matter whether they majored in Biology or in Art History.

File 5363As the national and global economies innovate, education must innovate alongside them. Indeed, STEM education initiatives are unfolding at the federal, state, and local levels. This recent focus on STEM education would enable students to keep pace with dynamic changes by providing them with the skills they need to excel in the high-paid, highly-rewarding fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. For instance, President Obama’s Education to Innovate Initiative has generated more than $700 million in public-private partnerships that will train new and effective STEM teachers. To help build a world-class workforce, the state of North Carolina has developed a rubric that elementary, middle, and high schools must satisfy in order to receive STEM recognition.

And with the help of CUBE and the Campus Y, UNC students are also driving these initiatives with the understanding that science is not boring, but fun!File 5366

Check out SUCCEED, a current CUBE venture. It’s offering cost-effective STEM education in NC public schools by leveraging surplus materials, equipment, and instruments donated by local biotech companies and universities.

Three of the Y’s own received the Robert E. Bryan Public Service Award from the Carolina Center for Public Service. The award recognized exemplary public service efforts, and this year’s recipients included Bob Pleasants, founder of Boys on Track, one of the ten new CUBE venturesEnrich ESL, a Campus Y committee that provides English tutoring to Chapel Hill’s immigrant community; and Zack Kaplan, Bonner Leader.

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